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AllEng E-Mail

The AllEng Newsletter is a weekly email sent to every single engineering student every Monday! The content is varied and can range from new position applications to event announcements. It is an incredibly useful resource if you are part of a student group looking to engage engineers.

It should also be noted that Engineering Society positions must be advertised in two consecutive AllEng emails before they can be hired. There are no excuses for not knowing about a position!

To get into the AllEng Newsletter, you must fill out the "AllEng Request Form" by Sunday at 8am the week the email goes out or it will not be included that week. This year, the AllEng messages have been limited to 300 characters.

AllEng Request Form

Graphic Design

Graphic design services include:

event cover photos
designs for clothing

Questions can be sent to:
Graphic Design Manager, Brent Fallis

Request Graphic Design Services


Photography services for events or teams. Images can be used for private use or uploaded to the Engineering Society Facebook page.

Take photos: Event photos, headshots, and more
Watermark photos
Alter and edit photos
Tripod and camera rental

Questions can be sent to:
Photography Manager, Johan Cornelissen

Request Photography Services


Videography services for events or to create promotional videos. Videos can be used for private use or uploaded to the Engineering Society Facebook page.

Shoots video
Edits video
Tripod and video camera rental

Questions can be sent to:
Videography Manager, Matt Whittle

Request Event Videography Services
Request Promotional Video Services

Internal Records

Finds archived photos
Finds archived information

The Internal Records Officers are those responsible the Throwback Thursdays and the EngSoc History month posts.