Portfolio Update


The Communications Portfolio has been updated with some of the fantastic work completed by the team so far! In addition to the Graphic Design and Internal Records albums, a new album of Comm Team photography has been added. This will showcase some of the best pictures taken by our photography team members while covering various photography requests. If you're considering using our services, take a look through our portfolio to see some of the great work you can expect from the Communications Team!
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Comm Team 2016-2017


Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Communications Team!

Photography Members
Kenedy Assman
Kodie Becker
Vincent Ho
Heather Joannou
Brandon Tseung

Videography Members
Allison Kondal
Hojun Lee
Trevor Page
Ally Shikaze

Graphic Design Members
Emily Archer
Stephen Caddy
Alexander Clifford
Daniel Griff
Nicholas Lee
Stephen Loughridge
Emily Taylor

Internal Records Officer
Abigail Hall

New Director of Communications


At the Engineering Society Annual General Meeting on Tuesday March 8, the new Executive Director Team officially transitioned from the 2015-2016 team to the 2016-2017 team. The Director of Communications portfolio has been passed from Laura Penstone to Heather Simmons. Heather is very excited to take on this new role and hopes to further build upon the excellent reputation that her predecessors have established. Here's to the year ahead!

Portfolio Update


The Communications Portfolio has finally been updated with some of the work completed by the team this year! If you're thinking of using our services, have a look to see the great work from our members. Nice work, Team!

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Deep in the Archives


The Queen's Archives have a lot of really neat stories and images of the past. Within the Engineering Society, we focus mostly on engineering-specific history. However, every once in a while we stumble along images from other faculties that are definitely worth sharing.

This Arts Faulty image, found by Jelena Gliogorovic, is too bizarre for words. It's great.

The Team!


Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Communications Team! I'm excited to see what we create in this upcoming year!

Photography Members
Kenedy Assman
Korrah Bland
Kodie Becker
Petr Emelianov
Allison Kondal
Vincent Ho
Trevor Page
Allan Read
Nikhil Seth

Videography Members
Camden Goodhew
Jeff Morris
Samantha Zareski

Graphic Design Members
Geoffrey Girard
Jillian Reid
Devon Zhang

Internal Records Officers
Jelena Gligorovic
Heather Simmons



Watch for news about Communications Team hiring happening in the fall!

If you have any questions about the Communications Team, contact Laura Penstone at comm@engsoc.queensu.ca.

New Website


Engineering Society Communications finally has their own website! Learn about the team, check out their work, and request services! Be sure to add this website to your favourites! You can even make it your homepage if you'd like.

2015-2016 Managers!


Over the past few days, the Director of Communications has been hiring managers for the upcoming school year.

Congratulations to the following successful candidates:
Brent Fallis, Graphic Design Managers
Johan Cornelissen, Photography Manager
Matt Whittle, Videography Manager

The managers will all be leading subteams, that will be hiring in the fall.

New Director of Communications


At the Engineering Society AGM (Annual General Meeting) this past Monday, the Executive/Director Team switched over to the 2015-2016 team. In this transition, the Director of Communications, Stephen Penstone, coincidentally handed the position over to his sister, Laura Penstone.

Laura said she hopes to continue building on the great foundation set by Stephen, who managed to form a successful Comm Team, and create a very positive reputation.